Super Easy DIY Metal Hoop Wreath


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With it feeling like spring one day and winter the next, I decided I needed to make a little spring for our home whether it felt like it or not. I never get tired of making wreaths because we have so many places in our house that I can hang them. I have two large mirrors, multiple doors, and big walls that are hard to fill. Our house was built in 1890 so the ceilings are high which I absolutely love. But it also means I have large walls to fill. Seasonal wreaths are always a nice touch when I run out of home decor ideas or need to fill a space.

I've made numerous wreaths out of embroidery hoops and wanted to do something a little different and try a metal hoop wreath. This wreath is the epitome of minimalistic and beautiful at the same time. It's also SUPER easy to make.

Before I get started with the tutorial I want to give a you a few general tips for making these wreaths.

TIP 1: Floral wire is much easier to use then floral tape. It's also easier to hide.

TIP 2: Sometimes less is more. Start with a few branches and if it looks to sparse you can always add more branches.

TIP 3: If you want more natural looking eucalyptus or branches, buy preserved branches instead of completely fake. They look more real and I personally like the way the lay on the hoop.


Supplies Needed: Metal hoop any size, floral wire, wire cutters, several branches of eucalyptus or greenery of your choosing.



Step 1: I began by cutting the branches into smaller pieces. Like I mentioned in my second tip, it's easier to work with smaller branches.


Step 2: I began by attaching the largest branch to one side of the hoop. I wind the wire between the leaves so that the wire doesn't pin down the leaves to the hoop.


Step 3: I added two more small branches to the right side and then switched directions of the branches and attached three more branches to the left side of the hoop.


I love a lot of things about this wreath. I love its simplicity, and how easy and fast it is to put together, but I also like it because you can hang it numerous ways. These can be hung on doors, above headboards in bedrooms, hung from the ceilings for a wedding. The possibilities are endless!

If the eucalyptus is too minimalistic for you, add a few of your favorite flowers!

Here are all the supplies you need



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