Simple DIY Greenery Hoop Wreath

simple greenery wreath

I'm taking a break from my series on creativity to bring you this tutorial on simple greenery hoop wreaths!

These greenery wreaths are classics that can be used for all kinds of events or just for your own enjoyment. With it still being winter, not Christmas, and not yet spring, it's sometimes hard to know how to decorate. These two wreaths are probably my favorite ones that I've made so far. Simply because they go with basically every season and you can use them in so many different ways.

Supplies you will need: Eucalyptus branch, two other greenery branches (I chose two of the same), one or two embroidery hoops, and floral wire.

To begin these wreaths I started out by separating the bunches of greenery into individual branches. Some of the branches tore a little bit but don't worry if this happens to you, it will be covered up!


Next I played around with how I wanted to place the greenery on the hoop. I only used three individual branches on each side. I began with the right side and one branch.


Then I added one more eucalyptus branch and greenery branch.


You can easily stop right there and just have greenery on one side! Or you can do the exact same on the other side! I made two hoop wreaths out of just three bunches of greenery!

double sided hoop wreath

There are so many different ways to make these and utilize them. You can put greener on just one side or all the way around. You can also use these for parties and showers. I recently threw a baby shower for a friend and used these two hoop wreaths and an adorable "oh baby" sign for the backdrop.


Pieces (32).png
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