Manifest Your Dreams: Build Your Dream Home


This is a sponsored post. By consulting heavy civil construction experts like those who work at JT Magbe Contracting, you can set a solid foundation to create the home of your dreams.

Sit back, relax and close your eyes. Now image in your mind’s eye a plot of land with lush mature trees, fragrant vegetation, interesting shifts in the terrain, and maybe even a small stream or pond. Now, envision your dream home tucked neatly inside this fabricated scenario. You might be picturing a utopian paradise where joyful families gather for dinner every evening and safely tuck themselves into bed each night to sweet and restful dreams. Bringing to life a masterpiece like the one you have just envisioned is not so far off for many hard-working American families. If you live in or near Atlanta, Georgia those dreams may be closer to reality than you could imagine.

As the Atlanta and North Georgia housing and real estate market continues to skyrocket in a positive trajectory. Sellers are closing on houses in record-setting timeframes. It is a market so deficient in inventory buyers are getting into bidding wars and often sellers are receiving offers above the original asking price. If you are interested in moving, it quite literally could not be a better time to sell your home, than right now.

The one issue which arises is deciding where you will live once you sell. The lack of available inventory as a buyer can be a challenge unless you have an actionable plan but this dilemma can be easily solved if you are willing to build. If you purchase a plot of land, you can work with an architect to design and construct the exact specifications of your new home. You can build a home to fit your family’s style, aesthetic, and practical needs. When you build you have the opportunity to hand select all the finishes. As the walls go up, you’ll bear witness to the physical manifestation of your dream.

Once you find the ideal parcel of land for your future home, there is a lot of preparation which needs to be ironed out before a single hammer or nail are affixed to the structure. You need to take an inventory of the entire property so you have an understanding of the existing structures, trees, or other obstacles which might need to be removed. This will give you a chance to determine if the ground needs to be flattened and graded to create a sturdy foundation for the homestead. This initial assessment of the land may seem like a tall order, but luckily JT Magbe Contracting, LLC. can help you through the entire process.


JT Magbe Contracting is a North-Georgia civil construction company which has been specializing in all forms of site work including grading, demolition, excavating, utility pipe construction, such as sanitary sewer, water and storm sewer; retention-detention pond maintenance, clearing, brush mowing, and forestry mulching for over 20 years. They have experience working in commercial and individual and residential lots. Their civil construction experience gives them the expertise to help you add value to your property. JT Magbe Contracting will help your lot reach its full potential by professionally manipulating the landscape to prepare it for construction.

JT Magbe can advise you on different avenues to maximize the land’s potential including brush mowing, forestry mulching, and land and tree clearing services. Plus, they can do many of these jobs with only one piece of equipment. The make the process quick, efficient, and they keep the area clean with no leftover piles of unsightly debris. JT Magbe’s goal is to do every job with minimal ground disturbance. They take a careful assessment of the area, and the surrounding areas, before they begin to ensure a high level of ground and soil integrity while also meeting the needs and goals of the landowner. They do not burn anything to dispose of the remains, so you do not have to worry about a foul smell lingering long after the job is done.

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Depending on the topography of your land, a bigger, more intensive job may be required, but regardless of the size, JT Magbe Contracting handles it delicately. The north-Georgia communities are riddled with rugged bluffs, differing elevations, steep dropoffs, and rolling hillsides. These dynamic and swift changes in terrain make it difficult to build a home or building. Excavating and grading are ways of leveling the ground and JT Magbe Contracting also regularly performs those services.

If you have been toying with the decision of selling your current home and opting to build the home of your dreams then now is the time to pull the trigger and JT Magbe Contracting is the partner you want in your corner.

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