Last Minute Easter Centerpiece Ideas


This Easter will be our second year hosting lunch! While I don't have any phenomenal recipes to share with you, I do have some simple centerpiece ideas. (decorating is my favorite part of hosting any party or meal.)

In our small town, we don't have many wholesale florists so I always get my flowers either from the grocery store, the side of the road, or someone else's yard (I always ask first.) So here are a few tips I've learned along the way.

1. Use Small Vases

Small vases are charming and take almost no skill to arrange. You can simply stick one or two stems of flowers in each one and poof you have a beautiful centerpiece! Little vases or jars can be found in all over the place. Clean out tiny jam jars, go to an antique store, or ask your friends! I was given a lot of small vases and I use them all the time all over my house!


2. Use Multiple Sized Candle Holders

Candle holders and candlesticks are simple, beautiful, and can be used on so many different occasions, holidays, and for different decor purposes. The ones pictured below were all given to me.

The tall candlesticks I found at an antique store for $3 and $4 dollars a piece (score!) You can also use these to decorate fireplace mantles, bookcases, on top of pianos, the possibilities are endless!

LIFE HACK: At our local Kroger there is a discount flower section. I bought two dozen roses for only $6!!! They are not always the freshest flowers but these were beautiful and have already lasted for a week!

Tip: When trimming your roses use the extra leaves on the stems and spread them across your table, this adds a little extra something without having to buy or go outside and get greenery.

candle holders

3. Strive for Simplicity

When it comes to centerpieces I always try to keep it simple for a few reasons. 1. We usually have a full table and there just isn't enough room to have decorations on every inch of the table. 2. If I stick to simple and classic decor items I can re-use them for multiple holidays. Things like eggs and red hearts are fun but since I can only use them once a I try to find items that I can use more than once.

These chargers were a wedding gift that I use on almost every holiday and party we host! White napkins are classic that can also be used for any occasion. The cute chalkboard tags I found at Target in the dollar section (score!) and a little greenery is always a nice touch!


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