How To Find Creativity in your everyday life: Creativity Re-imagined

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This is the second post in my series on re-imagining creativity. If you are just now joining me I would recommend checking out my first post here. 3 Ways to Re-think Creativity

In my last post I talk about how we all have creativity in us, creativity is curiosity brought to life, and, and creativity is a gift.

Today I want to talk about taking the gift of creativity that the Lord has given to all of us and finding it in the mundane. This is a harder post for me to write because it is something that I still struggle with and am trying to figure out. But I want to take the idea that creativity is curiosity and the ability to adapt and see how that fits into our everyday lives. 


If you’re a mother and you’re thinking I don’t even know what to be curious about, look at your children. What are they curious about? How do they explore their world? How do they figure out problems?

Watching my little girl create has been a huge learning experience for me in the process of creativity. When she colors, it's a huge mess of scribbles everywhere but she'as always so proud of her work. When she works on a puzzle she often has the right piece in the right place but has to rotate it to fit. And she does these same puzzles over and over and over again.

There are a few lessons to learn about creativity from young children. 1. They create simply for the joy that it brings them. 2. They don't care what other people think about their creation. 3. They practice over and over and over again.

Recently, while I’m folding laundry for the fifth time this week, I ask myself questions like how can I make my house more beautiful and practical at the same time? How can I maximize nap time so that I’m refueled but also productive? How can I help new mothers with their new transition? I might not have the answers right away but it helps me keep my mind busy and not stuck on the sometimes monotonous tasks of the day to day. Then, when I have a little free time I can take one of my questions and start implementing an answer.


This is a motto that we often hang in our babies nurseries. But we so quickly forget as adults.  Fear often cripples our curiosity and therefore our creativity. So, when ideas or inspiration come to our mind we ignore them, throw them out, or laugh at them.

But what if we actually PURSUE these ideas.

If we pursue the ideas that make us curious, we have to be ok with failing. This is one of our biggest obstacles, fear of failure. But we can’t let this fear dictate what we do and don’t do. It limits us from living our full creative life.

Bitterness from the challenges of life can also prevent us from bravely stepping forward in creativity. But like fear, we can’t let bitterness control us and bury our passions and desires.

Trying out something that makes us curious doesn't mean we will have no fear. Bravery isn't the lack of fear, it's not letting fear control us. So the next time you try out something that makes you curious and you fall flat on your face, it's ok!

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Motherhood sometimes makes us feel not very confident in ourselves. The daily task of parenting and often not seeing immediate results makes us feel like we're failing. We think that what we do for the majority of our day is not good enough.

This mindset can seep into the rest of our lives. Because if we think that the only things we’re good at are keeping children alive, doing the laundry, and cooking (and sometimes not even that) then we feel like we’re not very good at anything at all.

But this is so far from the truth. Paul Tripp says in his book Parenting that "God calls unable people to do important things because ultimately what he's working on is not your immediate success, but that you would come to know him, to love him, to rest in his grace, and to live for his glory."

We can be confident in our parenting and in creating, not because of our own abilities but because we know that we serve a good God who is teaching us to know him better through different circumstances and experiences in our lives.

Let your confidence come from the one who created you. So that when you do fail at something creative that you've been pursuing, it won't make you feel like you've lost your identity. Your identity is in Christ. Be confident that your worth is not based on the success or failure of your creative endeavors.

When you truly believe this there is endless freedom in creating!


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