Tools to Help You Live Simply

tools to help you live simply

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Some of you may already know this but I'm a huge fan of Emily Ley. I've read both of her books "Grace Not Perfection," and "A Simplified Life." What I appreciate most about Emily and her books is her vulnerability, humbleness, and her priorities. Reading her books is like talking to a friend. She's relatable and funny while also giving practical advice. She also shares how she puts her faith and family first while still building her business. She is truly an inspiration.

I must confess that I have yet to try her planner that made her famous (they've been sold out when I try to get one) but I'm hoping today will be the day that I get one! Not only are her designs simple and beautiful but the layout is intentionally minimalistic. If you're behind on the whole planner thing like me, then now is the time to buy one! Here are a few of the adorable designs

There are two different types of planners, a weekly planner, and a daily planner. The weekly planner you can see the entire week versus the daily planner that lets you plan out each day.

I'm a sucker for anything floral and this design is simply stunning. This is the one I'm hoping to get today!

This pineapple print is a close second favorite. How adorable is that?! The daily and weekly additions of this planner are selling out fast so you want to get them ASAP!

Here's a print for someone who is a bit more minimalistic. Love the navy and dots!

If you already have a planner, check our her books. These are books that are worth having in a hard copy form. I know I will go back to them over and over again.

Grace, Not Perfection - $12.00

from: Simplified by Emily Ley

There are so many new cute tools that they've come out with today! Contemplating getting this hat.

Pineapple Hat, Blue

These planners sell fast so if you're debating on getting one, do it! Let me know what you think!