5 Encouraging Books for Every Mom

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When I was thinking about this blog post I was actually surprised that I've even read 5 books this past year while raising a newborn.

It's no secret that mom's with children and especially with children under three have extremely limited free time. It's important that as mother's we find outlets for ourselves that refuel us. For women reading is a stress reliever and for other women reading is the last thing that they would want to do in their valuable free time.

I do believe however that there are so many benefits from reading, especially as a new mom. It gets us out of our baby bubble, encourages us during the hard days of child raising, and gives us new perspectives on things that we probably wouldn't have thought of ourselves. 

Here are 5 books that I would highly recommend to any mom or to give as a gift to new moms.

                                                1. Loving the Little Years


There are so many things I love about this book. Rachel writes extremely short chapters so it's easy to read a chapter here and there. She is also able to empathize with moms who are in the trenches of motherhood while also giving encouraging and uplifting advice. This is a great book for new and experienced moms. My friend who recommended the book to me has four children and she says that she still goes back and reads her favorite chapters over and over again.

2. One Thousand Gifts


This is a beautiful book. It's not necessarily just a book for moms but it speaks to the struggles that we face everyday.

 Ann writes about the significant struggles and tragedies that she has gone through and how she has gotten through them. She goes on a journey of writing down one thousand things that give her joy.

This book inspired me to think about the small blessing in my life that I easily overlook every single day.

                                          3. Meditation for the New Mother


Finding time for a quiet time can be next to impossible with little ones running around. This little book is the perfect gift for a new mother. The devotions are short (usually just a page or two) but they are full of wisdom and sweet encouragement for the new mother.

In addition to references to Bible verses there are also short poems or song lyrics that speak directly to the mothers heart.

4. Don't Make Me Count to Three

5. Mom Enough


We had the privilege of having Ginger Hubbard, the author of this book, come speak to our MOPS (Mother's of Preschoolers) group last year! She is an inspiring woman and mother while also being fun and down to earth.

I love this book because it has practical tips on how to discipline your children while focusing on your child's heart. She also has practical tools and questions to ask your children in specific situations.

If you're overwhelmed with where to begin in disciplining your children, I would highly recommend this book.


Are you mom enough? This is a question I believe every mom asks herself at some point. With the constant pressures that the culture puts on moms to do this and be that, we are bombarded with feelings of guilt and inadequacy.

This book doesn't tell moms to just look inside themselves and find strength on their own, but rather to look to the only person who is enough, Jesus Christ. It's written by seven different women who all talk about the grace of God in the midst of being in the trenches of motherhood.

I hope these books encourage and inspire you and other mom's in your life!