DIY Dollar Store Terrariums


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There's nothing I like better than a good dollar store craft that looks expensive. I've also managed to kill countless succulents so I try to find new ways to keep them alive.

I feel like succulents have been falsely advertised as "easy to keep alive," with "minimal care." But in reality, they need sun, a pot that allows it to drain water, and it needs to be watered when it's completely dry. They also benefit from using special soil.

The main problem I have with succulents is that I put them all over the house where they get little to no sun and right now I just don't have to discipline, or time to move them around. 

So Here I am again, attempting another way to keep succulents alive. This might be my new favorite way to decorate with them. I love the way these turned out and they are so affordable! Everything in this project is from the dollar store except for the actual succulents. The cheapest ones I found are at Wal-Mart, but Home Depot and Lowes have them too.

Here are the supplies you need:

Containers: any size or shape that you like

Rocks/Pebbles: I used a combination of white and brown

Succulents: Any kind, just make sure they fit into the containers that you have.

 All the supplies you need

All the supplies you need

To begin I just put a few rocks in the bottom of the container and place the succulent on top.

Then, I gently put more rocks around the succulent. This can be a little challenging if the succulent takes up a lot of the container, but fortunately succulents are resilient and it's hard to hurt them.

That's it! That's literally all there is to this project. It's almost impossible to mess up. It does get a little messy (you can see some dirt in the picture.) Just make sure you do it in a place that is easy to clean up.

Here's a few more pictures to inspire you to make ones in all different containers and colors!

Academic Agenda, Daily or Weekly by Emily Ley
Red Cactus Succulent
Pieces (9).png

If real succulents are just too hard to keep alive, Michaels and Hobby Lobby also have beautiful fake succulents that you won't believe are fake! I recently added some fake succulents to my terrariums and love them.

Here are a few beautiful vase options and supplies that you can buy from Amazon if you don't have a store near you!


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