DIY Wreath Tutorials Roundup


After almost a year of blogging (what?!) I realize that I have numerous DIY wreath tutorials. They have also been some of my most popular posts this past year. I decided to do a roundup post for you all so that all of your favorite wreath tutorials are in one place. This way you can refer to this post whenever you need some new wreath inspiration!

Spring Wreath


My first wreath and one of my most popular is a simple hoop wreath with three flowers and to sprigs of lambs ears. Simple, beautiful, and perfect for spring! There are many ways to make this wreath your own by picking out the flowers and greenery of your choice. For the full tutorial click here

Fall Wreath


The fall wreath is my personal favorite. The combination of colors and adorable bow make come back to this wreath again and again. For the full tutorial click here

Magnolia Leaf Wreath


This is a wreath that I wish I had made sooner. It's simple since there is only one leaf and it's also timeless and perfect for every season! Check out the full tutorial here

Simple Greenery Wreath


This simple greenery wreath is in competition with my fall wreath for my favorite. It's simplisitc beauty is classic and timeless and can be used for every season!

Christmas Wreath


Last but not least is my Christmas hoop wreath. What I love most about this wreath is the added detail of the hand-lettered word on fabric. This is a detail that you can easily add to any of your wreaths! You may also have noticed that I used the same bow for this wreath as the one from my fall wreath.

Changing out wreaths for different seasons doesn't have to be hard or intimidating. Use and re-use what you have, think simple, and get creative! 

I would love to see the wreaths that you make! Tag me on Instagram @scenesfromcedarstreet when you make your next wreath!