DIY Round Wooden Door Hanger


I am so fortunate to have one of my good friends move right next to me! They are renting the house next to us and while it desperately needs a paint job, my friend has done an amazing job making it beautiful. She has flowers everywhere that she can put them and painted the door which made all the difference. We share a love for everything creating and she introduced me to this adorable door hanger the other day. She saw it on Pinterest but the crazy thing is that there is no tutorial on how to make it! So since I've kind of exhausted different ways to make wreaths I decided to switch it up and make this door hanger!

A front door is the first thing a person sees when they come to a house. I think it's always nice to have a welcoming doorway that says "you are welcome here." The best part about this is how simple it is to make. There's very little "craftiness" involved. It's really just nailing and gluing a few things onto a round board. It's also super simple to customize it to exactly what you want it to look like!

Here are all the supplies:

  • Round wooden board: I got mine already painted at hobby lobby

  • "hi" sign or any word that you want! NOTE: Make sure the round board is big enough to fit your word

  • glue gun

  • hammer and nails

  • twine

  • greenery and flowers (optional)


Step 1:

Paint or stain wooden board. Mine was already white and I love it so I didn't change it.

Step 2:

Nail the word sign to the wooden board. The hi sign that I got already had two hanging attachments on the back of it. I tried gluing it but it didn't work very well so I nailed to tiny holes to the board and hung it that way.


Step 3: 

Glue the greenery and flowers to the board. The floral is optional, you could also attach a bow or something else of your choice. You could also live it as is! I felt like something was missing which is why I added the greenery.

hi wooden sign with greenery

Final Step:

Attach string to the back of the board. If your round board doesn't come with hanging hooks already attached, you will need to first attach the hanging hooks. Here's what the back of my board looks like.


THAT'S IT! It's so simple to make but such a show stopper for your front door! This would also make a wonderful gift for a mother or friend! 

diy round wooden door hanger