DIY: Paint Stick Picture Hanger

I am SO excited about sharing this tutorial with you. It might be my favorite DIY project to date PLUS my husband even said he thought it was one of the best things I've done.

I love this project for several reasons. 1. It's virtually free. 2. It's much cheaper than picture frames (free) and I think I even like how it looks more than a picture frame. 3. It's adorable.

If you're thinking to yourself "well it would be cute Leah but I have terrible hand writing and can't make my handwriting look anything like your picture," I have some good news for you. I'm giving this picture as a FREE printable that you can print right out and hang on your wall! That's right, all you have to do is subscribe to my email list and I will send this printable right to your inbox. 

I had so much good feedback from my Dollar Store Terrarium tutorial that I want to keep on this track of easy, affordable, chic crafts.

So, without further ado, here are the steps to making this beautiful picture.

Supplies: Print, Paint stick, stain, hemp or yarn/string, wood (or any kind of strong) glue.

1. Cut and Stain Paint Stick.

Depending on how far you want the paint stick to stick out on each end will determine what size you cut it down to.  I used the stain English Chestnut #233 from Wood Finish. You could even paint it any color you like!

The quote is from one of my favorite songs "Home" by my new favorite band Johnnyswim. If you've never heard them before, you have to check them out!

2. Attach the string to the paint stick.

Pretty self-explanatory but cut the string to the size you want to hang your picture from and attach each end by tying a knot to both ends of the paint stick. Cut off the ends of the string.

3. Attach the Paint Stick to the Printable.

With your wood glue or really any strong glue that you have, attach the paint stick to the quote.

One of these would be perfect in so many places in your home! I reading nook, above the night stand in your bedroom, on a kitchen wall, the possibilities are endless!

Remember, if you want to use this printable, just subscribe below and I will send it right to you!