DIY: Rustic Cork Stopper Pumpkin


Fall weather has yet to arrived in Georgia and I'm feeling a little antsy about wearing boots and sweaters. But in the meantime, I'm making use of my time by making adorable fall decor items!Here is my new favorite fall craft project, cork stopper pumpkins! Is this not the cutest? These are great to make with recycled cork stoppers from wine bottles, however, if you don't drink wine, don't worry! You can buy cork stoppers at any craft store or in bulk from Amazon! (I'll link them below)

This is also going to be our next craft project for my local MOPS group. So, if you need an idea for a group craft project, this is a great one!


1. 25 cork stoppers

2. Glue Gun

3. Green Felt

4. Craft Knife/Sharp Knife

5. Scissors

6. (optional) paint

7. (optional)  string


Step 1. Start by gluing the corks together. You will need two sets of 4, two sets of 5, and one set of 6. Note: If you want to paint your pumpkin, you can start by painting the ends of the corks whatever color you would like. You can also paint it after you put it together.

 These are how your rows of corks will look after you've glued them all together

These are how your rows of corks will look after you've glued them all together

Step 2: Once you've glued all the rows together, glue all the rows on top of each other. The pictures below will help you.


Step 3. Cut out leaves from your green felt and glue them to the top of your pumpkin


Step 4. Cut a cork stopper in half with a craft knife or sharp knife and glue it to the top of the pumpkin.


Step 5. (Optional) Paint the pumpkin any color you like and attach a bow to the top. I personally loved the natural look of the corks so I stuck with it.

You can also attach the string as a bow to the top of the pumpkin to add another detail!

Enjoy your adorable cork stopper pumpkin!


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