DIY Christmas Hoop Wreath


It's finally Christmas decorating time! I'm the kind of person that would put a Christmas tree in every room in the house. But since we don't have the budget for that, I make do with what I have. I'm always tempted to go out and buy so many decorations for Christmas but before I do, I go through what I have, get rid of the decorations I don't like, and repurpose some decorations from previous seasons. 

This is my third (and favorite) wreath that I've made with an embroidery hoop! It's seasonal, simple, and so pretty! If you're looking for a different kind of wreath this Christmas season, this wreath is for you!  

Here are the supplies:

1. Embroider hoop 2. Two pieces of greenery with berries attached (but you can use any kind of greenery you like. 3. Canvas fabric 4. Sharpie 5. Floral tape


Step 1. This first thing I did was cut out a strip of fabric and write the word "rejoice" on the fabric. You can write whatever word you like! If you hate your handwriting, get some stencils or have a friend write the word for you.


Step 2. I then put the fabric in between the embroidery hoop and attached the two pieces of greenery to the bottom with floral tape.


I love the bow that I made for my fall wreath so I just used the same bow for this wreath which made it even easier and faster! To finish it off I trimmed the fabric on the sides.


This wreath is SO simple and a little something different than your typical green and red wreath. There are so many variations you can choose from, I hope you enjoy creating your wreath!

If you want more tips, check out my previous two posts on hoop wreaths! 

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