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DIY Round Wooden Door Hanger

My friend and neighbor introduced this adorable door hanger to me the other day. She saw it on Pinterest but the crazy thing is that there is no tutorial on how to make it! So since I've kind of exhausted different ways to make wreaths I decided to switch it up and make this door hanger!

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Super Easy DIY Metal Hoop Wreath

With it feeling like spring one day and winter the next, I decided I needed to make a little spring for our home whether it felt like it or not. I never get tired of making wreaths because we have so many places in our house that I can hang them. I have two large mirrors, multiple doors, and big walls that are hard to fill. Our house was built in 1890 so the ceilings are high which I absolutely love. But it also means I have large walls to fill. Seasonal wreaths are always a nice touch when I run out of home decor ideas or need to fill a space.

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DIY Wreath Tutorials Roundup

After almost a year of blogging (what?!) I realize that I have numerous DIY wreath tutorials. They have also been some of my most popular posts this past year. I decided to do a roundup post for you all so that all of your favorite wreath tutorials are in one place. This way you can refer to this post whenever you need some new wreath inspiration!

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Simple DIY Greenery Hoop Wreath

These greenery wreaths are classics that can be used for all kinds of events or just for your own enjoyment. With it still being winter, not Christmas, and not yet spring, it's sometimes hard to know how to decorate. These two wreaths are probably my favorite ones that I've made so far. Simply because they go with basically every season and you can use them in so many different ways.

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