5 Ways to Help Someone Who is Sick


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After contracting a virus life seems to stand still until it's gone. Relieve your sick loved ones of stress and responsibilities by lending a hand while they are queasy.

Initially, you may observe respiratory symptoms such as a cough and heavy congestion through the chest and nasal passages. Then you could develop any combination of a sore throat, vomiting, nausea, light sensitivity, headache or severe body aches. When you have a compilation of symptoms similar to these, it is a telling sign of the influenza virus. Contact a doctor immediately for a proper diagnosis and a regimented care plan. Regardless of whether you have had a flu shot or not, you always need to be vigilant about protecting yourself from the harsh reality of the flu and other viruses.

You may suspect flu season is nearly over but according to a recent article by Time Health, the Center for Disease Control says influenza season is not quite over. In fact, they noted there could even have a second wave ramping up this spring.

When someone gets sick it is human nature to care for oneself. Seclusion and a simplified menu are the primary steps to help you get better, but a physician might also prescribe additional bed rest, clear liquids, and bland foods. Bananas, rice, and toast will be necessary for a full and timely recovery. However, when an individual is stricken with an illness their recovery is the number one priority and daily tasks often get neglected. If you identify these temporary times you can be altruistic and show your kindness, appreciation, and generosity for those who matter most to you.

If you know a friend, family member, or loved one who is bedridden how can you genuinely provide help to ensure they recover quickly? Here are five tips to exude kindness and help someone who is sick:

1. Shop for nourishment and electrolytes.

When an individual is under the weather, the last thing they want to do it go to the grocery store and stock up on the BRAT-diet essentials. Relieve them of a tumultuous trip to the local grocer and do their shopping for them. Fill their cabinets, refrigerator, and stomach with bland foods and drinks like soups, crackers, bananas, Gatorade, ginger ale, applesauce, and bread and butter. When their appetite returns, they will be grateful for your thoughtful preparations.

2. Scrub their kitchen or bathroom.

Cleaning is never a glamorous job, but it is imperative for the retention of the health of the home and its inhabitants. Start by cleaning and disinfecting common areas where germs are most likely to manifest and populate, like the bathrooms and kitchen. High traffic areas are more likely to cultivate germs. A quick wipe down and some disinfecting spray could be just the thing which keeps other people in the house from getting ill.


3. Provide them with childcare.

When parents are not feeling well, they rarely have the time to devote to their own wellbeing because they need to prognosticate the effects of their illness and determine how will it affect their family. Give them one less thing to worry about by picking up their little ones from school, assist with nightly homework duty, and keeping the kids busy and preoccupied so their parents can recuperate.

4. Bring the person a distraction.

The monotony of laying isolated in bed hoping for rejuvenation is daunting and mindless. Bring your loved one some type of entertainment like a movie, music, magazines or books, or some crossword or sudoku puzzles to help keep them preoccupied while they rid themselves of ailments. Removing their thoughts from their current situation is advantageous and instrumental in cultivating a positive mindset which will lead to better overall health.

5. Clean their dirty clothes.

Piles of soiled garments build up over time when they are ignored. Laundry is a relentless job which needs to be addressed daily. Clean clothes and germ-free, fresh linens can be a lifesaver when you are under the weather. However, doing another person's laundry is a personal and intimate gesture. Keep personal boundaries in tack and utilize the expert services of a professional laundromat, like Eastside Coin Laundry, to tackle the task.

Open seven days a week, Eastside Coin Laundry is now under new management and they have a convenient drop-off service which is tremendously helpful in this type of situation. Clients can opt to have their laundry picked up and delivered to their home, or they can choose to drop it off themselves. Then the professionals wash, dry, and fold everything; freeing you up to aid the sick person in other valuable ways. Having the laundry accounted for is one piece of the daily minutia an ill person will not have to manage because of your thoughtfulness and generosity.


In most circumstances, Eastside Coin Laundry can turn over a standard load of laundry within 24-hours, with options for same-day pickup. Their speed, quality assurance, and productivity mean you can lean on them to provide your friend or family member with a valuable service within a reasonable timeframe. Located in Athens, Georgia, Eastside Coin Laundry can be your ally when you want to help get your loved ones healthy and back on their feet. Additionally, there are a plethora of washers and dryers in the newly upgraded facilities for self-service options if that better suits your needs.

These friendly, neighborly gestures would also be beneficial if you want to show kindness to a new family after they welcome a baby into their home. Thinking of others in their time of need is a small but welcomed sentiment which will provide you with joy everytime you extend such a thoughtful gesture.

How do you show others you care for them in big or small ways?

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