5 Tips For Creating A Perfect Fall Photo Shoot


October is finally here and with it comes cooler weather, fun decor, pumpkin spice everything, and stunning fall foliage! Today I want to share a few easy tips on how to create and take pictures of your little ones so that you can capture some of the magic of this season!

I have a nice Nikon camera that I bought a few years back but I know that a lot of people don't have nice cameras or simply don't know how to use them. For this post, I want to show you how you can take beautiful, quality pictures, with just your iPhone.

First I started out with a bail oh hay which you can find for only a few dollars at Wal-Mart! The bail of hay is a perfect prop because your little's can sit on it, play with they hay, and you can put lots of cute fall decor on it as well!

Second, I try to find props that I already have. I've had this beautiful lantern since Ben and I got married so I just took that and filled it with some pinecones and decorative filling that I had.

Then I let Ellie sit on the bale l of hay and do whatever she wants. I like capturing her funny faces and candid shots more than her just smiling at the camera. 

TIP: Think about your expectations before you start taking pictures. If you want all of your children smiling at the same time and looking at the camera, you probably won't get it your first try. Take LOTS of pictures so that you can get a few good ones out of all of them

The pictures below are some of my favorites because it captures her face when she's trying to lift the pumpkin. This is also a good example of why it's good to take a lot of photos in succession, so you can see the progress of whatever they are doing.

General Tips

1. Perspective. Don't feel like you have to take a picture straight on or from one angle. Play around with it, move around, up, down. Don't be afraid to experiment!

2. Rule of Thirds. Ever wonder why that grid shows up with nine boxes when you try to take pictures? It's actually there to help you! Instead of putting your subject smack dab in the middle of the photo, try putting your subject on one of the lines. This usually creates a more interesting photo.

3. Shoot in the Shade. In general, pictures look clearer in the shade since there aren't as many shadows. I've found that taking pictures when it's cloudy outside usually makes for better pictures. I didn't follow this rule in these photos because there was some sun shining on the hay but I still loved them.

4. Be Creative and Pay Attention to Details. There are a lot of different "rules" of photography but I've found that if I implement the three rules I've listed above I can create beautiful photos! Don't worry about perfection or getting the "perfect photo" Just have fun!

5. Have Something for Children to Play With. This might not be true for all children but pictures of Ellie almost always turn out better when she has something to play with. It's even better if it can be a part of the subject matter. For example, below is a picture of her playing with hay. The hay occupies her and also makes for some adorable pictures!


I love Ellie's red shoes so I made sure to capture them when Ellie was kicking her feet around.


Toddlers do funny things all the time, I love capturing funny moments like these!


Go capture some fun moments of your own during this beautiful October!

Pieces (12).png

Here are some fun lanterns and decor that you can use for your own photo shoot!

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