DIY Fall Hoop Wreath


It's officially Fall at the Weber's and I couldn't be more excited! Fall is my favorite season but I've never really decorated much for fall until we moved into our new house last year. Now, it's my second favorite season to decorate for (Christmas is my first) I've put together a simple tutorial for a fall wreath! It's similar to the one I did for spring. Since this wreath has a bow, I linked the tutorial for this for you.

Since I'm trying to be as frugal as possible but I also LOVE decorating for every season, I recycled the hoop and some of the foliage from the spring wreath for this Fall wreath.

The supplies:

1. Embroidery Hoop

2. Any Fall foliage that you love

3. Burlap Ribbon

4. Wire and/or Floral Tape


Begin by using floral tape to wrap around a branch of your choice. I began with a green eucalyptus branch.


I then attached the yellow bulb branch to both the top and bottom of my wreath.


Next, I added the red buds and a purple eucalptyus branch.


Lastly, I placed my bow over the floral tape so you wouldnt be able to see any of the tape. For the tutorial on the burlap bow, go here!


That's literally all there is to it! It's a cheap, and easy wreath that ads instant fall loveliness to any part of your home!

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