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If your husband is anything like my husband Ben, gift giving is nearly impossible. In December we celebrate my husbands birthday, Christmas, and our anniversary all within a month. It’s a tough month of gift giving. By the end of it I think to myself that I will never be able to come up with another gift for him again. I am constantly on the look out for good gift ideas so if you have any ideas, send them my way. Ben is not a very sentimental guy so I quickly learned that things like scrapbooks and pictures, while thoughtful, aren't exactly his gift of choice. Fortunately he loves to read, listen to good music, and is athletic. So if all else fails I can buy him a book or a new pair of basketball socks. He also love experiences but with a baby, experiences aren't always practical. While I continue to rack my brain for an innovative gift for this Father's Day, here is a list of gifts that he has loved in the past.


As long as I've known Ben he's always been reading a book. Always. It's hard to find a book that he hasn't read. I haven't personally read this book but Ben loved it! Even if your husband isn't a sporty guy, this is still an inspiring story of the creator behind Nike.


Ben loves music and mentioned awhile back that a record player would be fun to have (he doesn't remember mentioning this but I do). I love this record player because it's beautiful and goes with our house decor but it also has blue tooth, a CD player, and radio. It has amazing speakers and we love having it on for parties and during the week.


I've read "7 Women" buy Eric Metaxas and it was phenomenal. I'm sure this is just as good and I know Ben enjoyed it.


Ben is always mis placing his stuff and he usually asks me where it is. Surprisingly I almost always know where he set his watch or wallet down. This handy dandy stand has been more of a gift for me because whenever I see his stuff laying around I just put it on this and can tell him exactly where it is.


Does your husband need a new toiletry kit? When we got married Ben's was as old as who knows how long, he really needed a new one.


Ben uses this backpack every day for work but he works in ministry so he can get away with carrying a backpack. If your husband is in business, this would be a great pack for camping or any outdoor activity.


If your husband is anything like Ben, you may need to buy a couple pair of sunglasses.


I know I know another book. If your husband doesn't like to read then I apologize. Anything by Malcolm Gladwell is excellent, I've read multiple of his books as well. He is fascinating and any of his books would be perfect gifts for the man in your life.

Other ideas:

Concert Tickets- Ben loves concerts and it's usually not too hard to find a good concert in Atlanta.

Zip Lining/Outdoor Activity- This was probably one of his favorite gifts. We live in a small town outside of Atlanta but we surprisingly still have a fantastic zip lining place. Even if you have to travel a bit, this is definitely worth the drive!


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