This simple DIY project is one of my favorite projects I've made so far. It's easy, fast, and looks like a million bucks. I also prepped 20 of these (with the help of a friend) for my local MOPS group. If you're a mom and you've never heard of MOPS (Mother's of Pre-schoolers) I highly recommend you try to find a group in your area. It's a moms group that meets together twice a month and discusses different topics, and does a craft together, and just hangs out. It's been an amazing outreach to the moms in our community and I've loved leading the crafts this year. But anyway, onto the tutorial! Here are the supplies you will need:

Supplies for DIY Hanging Wooden Sconces

Supplies: 1. Drill 2. Wooden Board (cut size as needed, mine is 12') 3. Paint or Stain (not pictured) 4. Twine or Ribbon 5. Door Knob or Hook 6. Mason Jar 7. Frame Hook


First, paint or stain the board. The options are endless so get creative! I didn't stain the back of the board but if you're a perfectionist you may want to stain the back as well.

Then drill a hole into the top middle of the board. I drilled the hole about 2 inches from the top.

Nail the frame hook to the back of the board.

Attach the door knob or hook to the board. 

To hang the mason jar, cut a piece of twine. The length will depend on how long you want to hang the mason jar. Fold the piece of twine in half.

Knot the twine on one end and put it around the mason jar.

Knot the twine on the other end of the mason jar.

Tie the two ends of the twin together and cut off the ends.

You now have a beautiful addition to any wall in your home or office! Or make multiple ones like I did and put them together!