With an almost one year old crawling (almost running) around the house. I'm always looking for a fast project I can accomplish in a short period of time. I made this wreath in less than 15 minutes which is perfect because I made it during a nap time and was still able to get some chores done around the house!

If you need a simple, fast, and affordable spring wreath for your front door, this tutorial is for you! All of these items I bought at Hobby Lobby (except for the real flowers) at 50% off. I bought an embroidery hoop, flower tape, (you can also use floral wire) and two eucalyptus branches. The three big purple flowers I already had and I thought they would be a pretty addition to the wreath. The picture of the original wreath I made is at the bottom of the page. If you want the wreath to last longer, I would buy three big fake flowers.

I began by trimming the branches (scissors not pictures) and attaching the floral tape to the hoop. I used the top of the hoop to attach the branch because it stays better with something bigger to attach the branch too.

I did the same thing with the purple branch.

Then I began attaching the big flowers, and as you can see the floral tape is wrapped around the hoop numerous times.

Now you have a beautiful spring wreath for anywhere in your home! Here is another picture of one I did the exact same way!

Enjoy your beautiful wreath! Or give it as a gift!

Below are some tools and ideas of what you can use for your wreath!


With multiple hoops you can make a lot of different sized wreathes!


These eucalyptus branches are perfect for this wreath!