I am currently attempting to make my families, and my life simpler by getting rid of unnecessary stuff. However there are a few clothing items and accessories that I have found to be either useful for motherhood or fun for Ellie. The number of baby things out there is seriously unreal. I had one of my mom friends create my baby registry for me simply because I was too overwhelmed and had no idea what I needed. I still don’t know half the stuff that is available for babies and moms but one of my favorite accessories that I have found for Ellie are Little Poppy Co bows. I consider this a “splurge” and not a necessity. However I have been shocked with how many people call Ellie a “him," or a "sweet baby boy." This is why I decided to get her some cute headbands until her hair grows out a little more. These little bows are beautiful, unique, handmade, and seasonal. 

The bows are in a subscription format so they ship once a month and come in this adorable little packaging. I'm always excited to see what patterns and type of fabric they've come out with for the month. The bows are available in a clip or headband form.You can also cancel the subscription whenever you want. If you want to check them out go to 

Here are a few pictures of Ellie in the bows!