This shelf is a fast and easy project that can add character to any room in your house! There are so many fun ways you can decorate these little shelves. My favorite items to use are succulents, books, and sweet keepsakes.

Here are the supplies you will need. The size of the wooden board will depend on how big you want your shelf to be. I used a 14' oak board that I got cut at Home Depot. I didn't stain this board because I loved the natural color of the oak. If you do want to stain or paint it, I would do that before you drill the holes. If you don't have a drill, go buy one. They come in handy for all sorts of projects and DIY's. The size of the drill bit will depend on the thickness of your string. There are numerous different types and widths of string at Home Depot. Finally, you need some sort of nail or hanger to hang your shelf.

Begin by drilling four holes into each corner of the board. I'm not a perfectionist so I just eyeballed the holes. But if you want it to be perfect you will want to measure the distance between the holes.


Next, measure the length of the string that you would like to hold the board. Add a few inches for the knots at each end. I criss-crossed the string so that it would hang evenly on my wall.

Here is what the bottom of the shelf and the finished shelf will look like. Now all you have to do is measure the wall that you're going to hang it from and hammer in a nail! Enjoy your beautiful shelf!

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