10 Must Have Winter Clothing Items


I began cleaning out my closet this past summer when I became tired of the clutter around my house which included my clothes. I'm slowly working my way towards a capsule wardrobe but I honestly just didn't have the mental energy (or budget) to get rid of all of my clothes and start over. I've decided to start slowly weeding out my closet and replacing it with essentials, keeping the items I love, and developing more of my style. I've discovered that I like a lot of black and neutral colors with a few pops of color here and there.

Pairing down my wardrobe has also helped me to shop smarter. Instead of buying random pieces of clothing, I look for certain shirts or accessories that I need to replace in my closet or that I need to add to my "essentials" list. Here are a few of my favorite fall and winter items that I've found to be essentials in my closet.

zadie smith (2).png

1.//  Oversized Sweater. Who doesn't love a good oversized comfy sweater? There's nothing that combines comfy and cute more-so than this burgundy knit pullover!

2.// Black Leggings. These black leggings are an essential for the fall and winter season. They can be paired with dresses, worn as pants.

3.// Plaid Dress. This dress is classic and SO cute. You can style it in so many different ways. The best thing about this dress? It's from Nordstrom rack and only $26!!

4.// Velvet Shirt. Velvet is very IN right now so why not go all out and get a velvet button down? This shirt is chic and in style. I'm most excited about the opportunity to wear something velvety red or green for the Holidays!

5.// Tartan Scarf. I fell in love with these scarves the moment they became popular a few years back. This scarf is still my go-to winter accessory on cold nights!

6.// Classic Skinny Jean. A good jean is always a must. Ripped jeans are in right now but I just haven't been able to bring myself to buy a pair of jeans that are already ripped so I just stick with classic skinny jeans.

7.//.Color-block T. I love this neutral and classic color block T! It's a perfect casual piece that can be worn throughout the fall and winter seasons.

8.// Brown Booties. Boots might just be my favorite fall clothing item. I could buy a pair in every color. 

9.// Chunky Scarf. The perfect neutral knit scarf. If you can only have two scarves in your closet, have a plaid and a knit scarf. These are my two favorites!

10.// Green Military Vest. A must-have for the fall/winter seasons. This piece can add interest to any outfit.

Below are more of my favorite clothing pieces for this season! What are your must have items?