How To Make A New House Feel More Like A Home

When we first moved into our home almost three years ago I felt a little intimidated and scared at first. There is so much to do and I wasn’t familiar with the houses creaks in the middle of the night, or the bugs that crawl around the corners (we have roaches) - it can definitely be hard to adjust to a new home because of these things, but there is a way to make it feel more like home, when you first move in. Here are a few tips:

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How to Enjoy Hospitality as an Introvert

A common misconception about introverts is that we don't like people. This couldn't be farther from the truth. While, yes, I could go to a secluded cabin in the woods for a weekend completely alone and love it, I eventually would want to come back and be with people. Being an introvert means I recharge by being alone. But once I've re-charged and feel refreshed I can't wait to socialize and have meaningful conversations with friends.

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What to Do and See in Charleston, SC

y husband and I recently took our first child-free vacation! I didn't have much of a preference when we were deciding where to go because, honestly, anywhere for a few days without a toddler around 24/7 sounded amazing. I'm not exactly sure how we even decided on Charleston but I'm so glad we did! 

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DIY Round Wooden Door Hanger

My friend and neighbor introduced this adorable door hanger to me the other day. She saw it on Pinterest but the crazy thing is that there is no tutorial on how to make it! So since I've kind of exhausted different ways to make wreaths I decided to switch it up and make this door hanger!

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10 Summer Activities and Toys for High Energy Toddlers

My baby girl just turned two! She has been super active basically since birth. Even as an infant she hated being contained in a wrap. She always wanted to be moving and got frustrated easily if she was left in one place for even a few minutes. Now as a toddler, she doesn't sit still unless she's reading a book or watching a tv show (and yes I do let her watch an occasional show for my sanity.) Having a high energy child can be fun but it also comes with some unique challenges. How do you keep them entertained? How do you get all of their energy out without being utterly exhausted all the time yourself?

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